Friday, 18 February 2011

British girl in Berlin

I moved to Berlin in 2007. I had had enough of the UK and decided it was time for a change, the best place for me, I decided was Berlin. Growing up as a young girl I had watch many war films and I admired the neat, clean look of the German solider! Now don't get me wrong. I am not a neo Nazi, I do not agree with the Nazi ideals but the men sure did look hot in those lovely uniforms that had been designed by some of the best fashion designers of the time! I've always loved the way the German language strong, hard and powerful! I took a small holiday to Berlin in the winter of 2006 with an ex boyfriend and I just fell so in love with the place that I knew I had to come back after I finished my degree, even if it was just for a month or two. So I finished my degree and I did a few crappy jobs to save some money together. I found a family living just outside Berlin who were happy to have me live with them and I became their Au Pair. When I told my mom and sister they were totally shocked, "Victoria, what do you know about how to look after children?" I decided it was my best option, booked my flight and moved to Brandenburg at the end of 2007.

So this blog is not just a collection of my travelling stories & adventures but more about the stories and things I have experienced with men, and occasionally with some women! I chose to call the blog "Jerry-Bag" as this is what my sister likes to call me because she knows I have a fetish for German men! The name "Jerry-Bag was the term used to describe a woman who was sleeping with the enemy when the German's occupied the Channel Islands in 1940-1945. The British referred to the Germans (Axis) as Jerry or Krauts and the Germans referred to the British as Inselaffe (Monkey's from the Island) or Tommy's. I think the term Jerry-bag is funny so I will use this as the title for my blog!

I am not sure if to start from the beginning or work my way back...well I will go away for now and decide!